هەوکردنی سی منداڵ
Definition: Bronchiolitis is a common lung infection in young children and infants. It causes inflammation and congestion in the small airways (bronchioles) of the lung. Bronchiolitis is almost always caused by a virus. Typically, the peak time for bronchiolitis is during the winter months. Bronchiolitis starts out with symptoms similar to those of a common cold, but then progresses to coughing, wheezing and sometimes difficulty breathing. Symptoms of bronchiolitis can last for several days to weeks. Most children get better with care at home. A small percentage of children require hospitalization. Symptoms For the first few days, the signs and symptoms of bronchiolitis are similar to those of a cold: Runny nose Stuffy nose Cough Slight fever (not always present) After this, there may be a week or more of difficulty breathing or a whistling noise when the child breathes out (wheezing). Many infants also have an ear infection (otitis media).
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